The Artisan’s World

The Artisan

The Artisan

He arrived naked…

They taught him
Their language,
Their symbols
and numbers,
Their prophets
and gods.

They fed him
Their history…
Their victories
and defeats…
Their heroes
and villains.

They told him
who and how
to love,
and admire…
to fear,
and hate,

They showed him
Their paths
to glory,
to riches
and profits…
To failure
and losses.

They warned him
about their walls,
and boundaries,
Their signed
and unsigned
abiding contracts

Until one day…
Fully clothed…
He was officially declared…

“Adult and Free”


But as time went by…
His nature within
of inquisitive mind
and determined soul,
refused to remain subdued…
And a fiery storm
slowly begun to brew..


Out of the largest of arsenals
of imposed hypocritical
high moral grounds…
The valiant,
by ignorance, artisan,
who once wished to be a star,
armed himself
with as many weapons
his mediocre talents
could produce…
And jumped out of his trench…

Determined to finally destroy
the very world
he had been made to admire,
not knowing then,
what was really at stake
He blindly
charged ahead…


The giant beast,
amused witness
of his meaningless fight
deep within its guts,
soon tired,
and seeking to bring
an early end,
to such pointless pain…
Delivered a fatal blow to his core…
A hit that struck him so hard
And with such force
That his whole being
Seemed to explode


Bitten, chewed
and spat back out,
From the monster’s bowels,
the artisan’s scattered remains,
Dispersed at lightning pace,
briefly vanishing
Into the cold night’s air…

So bare was he for a while
that where he once stood
there was nothing left
but void…


But he was not left for long
in such state
and by the time he awoke,
empty, stripped,
as he had once been,
not only the beast had gone…
But most of who
he had thought he was
had been sacrificed too
with the very world
he had just destroyed…

From the silence that ensued
his quiet mind
Whispered a thought:

You can’t be free
while solid
with the idea of self
you had been taught…
A rigid construct
that always stemmed
from the very beast
you have just slain.


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