On The Horizon Line

Road Art in red

Road Art in red

He awoke to the unknown,
His identity a masquerade
Performed on his behalf…
Fear, desires…
His pretending self
A kaleidoscope of lies…
His pains…
Lollypops in the sand…
A tapestry carefully woven
By the collective ignorance
And sickness of mind…

The new morning light
Warm and bright,
Cut through the silence
Straight into his heart,
Lovingly caressing his soul…

Man had fallen
As past and future merged
Into a new dawn…

Let him die,
Let him die,
A voice said,
Let the old man you were die,
At every second,
At every step…

Become the fallen leaf
That turns to tree’s sap.

Become the lone sailor
On a wind drifting raft
Forever on the horizon line…

Become the ever present
Ever lasting…
Love that you are…

And keep on…
Keep on walking…
On the horizon line…

Xoanxo 2016

Music: The Passion HiFi – The Two Twenty Seven


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